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Welcome to The NEPAD Regional Fish Node


The NEPAD Regional Fish Node (RFN) was established in 2006 at Bunda College through an application to the Steering Committee of the inter Government network of South African Network Biosciences Initiatives for Bioscience (SANBio) which falls under the NEPAD Science and Technology. The application was made through Malawi Government National Commission of Science and Technology (NSCT) which is part of the SANBio Steering Committee.

The node with an acronym of RFN, is housed in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Department. Prof. Emmanuel Kaunda was in 2006 nominated to coordinate and initiate nodal activities.


Our Vision is to use Science, Technology and innovative systems to build and strengthen a network of researchers involved in refining and implementation of projects to enhance fisheries, aquaculture production and biodiversity.”

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Current Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Initiatives

Ruforum Community Action Program (CARP) - Fish Project

Ruforum Community Action Program (CARP) - Fish Project


BioFISA Fish Diversity Project


biofisa fish project





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