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  • Bachelor of Science in Forestry

    YEAR 1

    Semester 1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Biology I BIO111 3.5
    Computer applications I CAP111 2.5
    Chemistry I CHE111 3.5
    Introduction to HIV, HIV infection and AIDS HSC111 3.5
    Communication skills I LDC111 3.5
    Mathematics I MAT111 3.5
    Physic I PHY111 3.0
    Total Credits 23

    Semester 2

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Biology II BIO121 3.5
    Computer applications II CAP121 2.5
    Chemistry II CHE121 3.5
    Communication skills II LDC121 3.5
    Mathematics II MAT121 3.5
    Physics II PHY121 3.0
    Total Credits 19.5

    YEAR 2

    Semester 1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Silviculture I(Core) FOR 211 3.0
    General Ecology ENV 212 3.0
    Statistics for natural resource managers FOR 212 3.0
    Forest Botany FOR213 3.0
    Entrepreneurship I ABM 213 2.5
    Biochemistry I BCH 211 4.5
    Total Credits 19.0

    Semester 2

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    EcoPhysiology of woody plantsFOR221 2.5
    Forest Mensuration and Inventory(Core) FOR222 3.0
    Forest Entomology(Core)FOR223 3.0
    Silviculture II(Core) FOR224 2.5
    Wood Science FOR225 3.0
    Extension in Natural Resources Management FOR226 3.0
    Principles of Soil Science SSC221 3.0
    Land Resources Management and Conservation NRM222 3.0
    Total Credits 23

    YEAR 3

    Semester 1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Forest Research Project I(Core) FOR310 0.5
    Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote SensingFOR318 3
    Agroforestry Technologies FOR312 3.0
    Community Forestry for Rural Development(Core) FOR313 3.0
    Quantitative Methods in NRFOR314 3.0
    Wood Utilization and Technology(Core) FOR315 3.0
    Applied Research Methods and Technical Writing FOR316 3.0
    Genetics CSS314 3.0
    Total Credits 21.5

    Semester 2

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Forest Attachment FOR300 0.5
    Forest Research Project II(Core)FOR320 1.0
    Tree ImprovementFOR322 2.0
    Environmental Economics ENV325 3.0
    Participatory Approaches in Forest Management FOR325 3.0
    Apiculture FOR326 2.0
    Forest Harvesting and Engineering FOR327 3.0
    Remote Sensing Applications(Core) FOR328 3.0
    Watershed and Wetlands Management NRM323 3.0
    Total Credits 20.5

    YEAR 4

    Semester 1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Policy Development and Analysis for NRM FOR415 3.0
    Forest Management(Core) FOR413 3.0
    Forest Economics(Core)FOR414 3.0
    Forest Pathology FOR416 3.0
    Environmental Impact Assessment ENV414 2.0
    Total Credits 18

    Semester 2

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Forest Industrial attachmentFOR400 0.5
    Forest Research Project IV(Core)FOR420 2.0
    Non- Timber Forest ProductsFOR421 2.0
    Gender and Natural Resources Management FOR423 2.0
    Climate change and Environmental Forestry(Core) FOR4242.0
    Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation AAE424 3.0
    Human Resources Management ABM4222.5
    Total Credits 14.0