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  • Msc Degree in Agroforestry

    YEAR 1

    Semester 1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Seminar AGF510 0.5
    Agroforestry Technologies and Practices AGF511 3.0
    Forestry and Rural Development FOR5123.0
    Research Methods FOR5143.0
    Climate change and Silva carbon FOR5153.0
    Advanced Silviculture + (tree growth and modelling) FOR5193.0
    Plant physiology and Biochemistry CSS5113.0
    Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition SSC5023.0
    Total Credits 21.5

    Elective Courses In Semster1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Integrated Forest Protection FOR518 3.0
    GIS Applications in NRMFOR516 3.0
    Energy Environment and Climate changeNRM511 3.0

    Semester 2

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Seminar AGF520 0.5
    Soil MicrobiologyCSS524 3.0
    Woodlot ManagementAGF521 2.0
    Social Economic Aspects of Agroforestry AGF522 3.0
    Plant Morphogenesis and Development HOR521 3.0
    Pasture and Range Management ANS522 3.0
    Tree Genetic Resources and Improvement FOR527 2.0
    Total Credits 16.5

    Elective Courses In Semester 2 (minimum of 3 credit hours)

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Applied Research Methods for Social Science AAE524 3.0
    Environmental and Natural Resources Economics AAE526 2.5
    Biotechnology applications to Horticultural cropsHOR529 3.0
    Remote Sensing and Image Processing FOR525 2.0

    YEAR 2

    Semester 1

    Course Title Course Code Credits
    M.Sc. Research (AGF) AGF500 10.0
    Total Credits 10.0