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    About the Center

    The Centre for Agricultural Research and Development (CARD) is a research and training facility under Bunda College of Agriculture which is a constituent college of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). CARD has three units namely the Agricultural Policy Research Unit (APRU), the Agricultural Policy Analysis Training Unit (APATU) and the Training and Consultancy Coordination Unit (TCCU).
    The Centre undertakes policy related research, training and consultancy in a number of areas. The broad areas include agriculture, socioeconomic development and environmental management. Areas of focus in terms of research and training include agricultural trade and marketing, natural resources and environment, food security and nutrition.
    The three units are housed within the same complex and share common facilities such as a conference room, computer laboratories, internet facilities, a documentation unit and a 30-bed hostel with well-furnished laundry, kitchen restaurant and bar for hosting national and international workshops and training courses.
    The Centre has been involved in the priority setting by the Malawi Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (MASIP) through which major constraints within the agriculture sector were identified. The Centre has oftentimes also worked with or been asked to be part of the review team or working committee for the VISION 2020 Project, Agricultural Information System, United Nations Task Force on Food Security; Poverty Monitoring System, among others.
    In the year 2001, the Centre in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Southern Africa Root Research Network (SARRNET) held an international symposium on promotion of cassava with respect to production and processing of various products in various industries. The symposium was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The symposium drew participants from the international and local community with an interest in industrial related technology development for cassava production and processing.

    Dr. Charles B L Jumbe

    Associate Research Professor

    Dr. Donald Makoka

    Research Fellow

    Mr. Richard Kachule

    Research Fellow