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    Families and resources are very important to the development of a nation. In order to achieve Millenium Development Goals, the effort has to start at family level. Human ecology helps in understanding the relationships between humans and resources and nature, all intimately connected in a web of interactions. The newly established department of Human Ecology at LUANAR has positioned itself to be a key partner in providing academic leadership in human sciences and community service as well as generating knowledge by providing sound science-based information and skills on community services and health care sectors, global and local perspectives on social inclusion and how these influence models of service delivery, and interpersonal skills in communication, and ethical sustainable decision-making.
    Current Research
    • Enhancement of child nutrition in Malawi
    • Nutrition and Access to Primary Education (NAPE)
    • Agro Ecosystems Services Project

    Mrs. Orpah Kabambe

    Head of Department

    Dr. Jessica Kampanje Phiri

    Deputy Head

    Mrs Londisa Kasamba


    Mr. Charles Subili

    Office Assistant