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# Full Name Position Contact Email
2 BWANALI Wilson Assistant Technician wbwanali@luanar.ac.mw
3 WIYO Kenneth Associate Professor kwiyo@luanar.ac.mw
4 LIPANDE Arnold Chief Technician alipande@luanar.ac.mw
5 MTAMBO Alfred Chief Technician amtambo@luanar.ac.mw
6 NAMAONA Willy Chief Technician wnamaona@luanar.ac.mw
7 NYIRENDA Kingstone Chief Technician knyirenda@luanar.ac.mw
8 MBANDAMBANDA Ganizani Cleaner gmbandambanda@luanar.ac.mw
9 PALIANI Joseph Driver jpaliani@luanar.ac.mw
10 NYIMBIRI Andrew Field Supervisor amyimbiri@luanar.ac.mw
11 SMITH John Laboratory Technician jdoe@luanar.ac.mw
12 CHIPULA Grivin Lecturer gchipula@luanar.ac.mw
13 KAMTHUNZI Wellam Lecturer wkamthunzi@luanar.ac.mw
14 MAKWIZA Chikondi Lecturer cmakwiza@luanar.ac.mw
15 NYANDA Thomas Lecturer tnyanda@luanar.ac.mw
16 VITSITSI Elisha Lecturer evitsitsi@luanar.ac.mw
17 FIWA Lameck Lecturer lfiwa@luanar.ac.mw
18 MKAKA Davie Messenger dmkaka@luanar.ac.mw
19 MBEZA Henry Professor hmbeza@luanar.ac.mw
20 MWAMBUNGU Esther Secretary emwambungu@luanar.ac.mw
21 GOMANI Beatrice Secretary bgomani@luanar.ac.mw
22 CHIDANTI-MALUNGA Joseph Senior Lecturer jchidanti-malunga@luanar.ac.mw
23 KUMAMBALA Patsani Senior Lecturer pkumambala@luanar.ac.mw
24 MWINJILO Macdonald Senior Lecturer mmwinjilo@luanar.ac.mw
25 SANJIKA Thawani Senior Lecturer tsanjika@luanar.ac.mw
26 SINGA Darwin Senior Lecturer dsinga@luanar.ac.mw
27 ULUKO Hankie Senior Lecturer huluko@luanar.ac.mw
28 MANYETERA Clement Stores Officer cmanyetera@luanar.ac.mw
29 BECAUSE Andrews Technician abecause@luanar.ac.mw
30 PHIRI Stanley Technician stanphiri@luanar.ac.mw
31 MKWANDA Wales Technician
32 VELLEMU Captain Workshop Assistant cvellemu@luanar.ac.mw
33 NYIRENDA Wanangwa Workshop Assistant wnyirenda@luanar.ac.mw
34 MALIPA Mike Workshop Assistant mmalipa@luanar.ac.mw