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# Full Name Position Contact Email
2 MAKALANI Andrew Associate Lecturer amakalani@luanar.ac.mw
3 AMINI Nthanda Associate Lecturer namini@luanar.ac.mw
4 AMINI Chimwemwe Associate Lecturer namini@luanar.ac.mw
5 BANDA Liveness Associate Professor lbanda@luanar.ac.mw
6 SAFALAOH Andrew Associate Professor asafalaoh@luanar.ac.mw
7 KATEMBA Charles Chief Technician ckatemba@luanar.ac.mw
8 MPINGANJIRA Merchious Chief Technician mmpinganjira@luanar.ac.mw
9 TSINDWI Allan Dean atsindwi@luanar.ac.mw
10 BESTER Mollen Farm Livestock Supervisor mbester@luanar.ac.mw
11 MANDALIZA Jacob Laboratory Assistant jmandaliza@luanar.ac.mw
12 MINDOZO Christopher Laboratory Assistant cmindozo@luanar.ac.mw
13 MLOWOKA Austin Laboratory Assistant amlowoka@luanar.ac.mw
14 PHIRI Mickson Laboratory Attendant m.phiri@luanar.ac.mw
15 M Felix Laboratory Attendant fmbano@luanar.ac.mw
16 CHINDIME Sylvia Lecturer schindime@luanar.ac.mw
17 CHIUMIA Daniel Lecturer dchiumia@luanar.ac.mw
18 KAWONGA Bettie Lecturer bkawonga@luanar.ac.mw
19 NANDOLO Wilson Lecturer wnandolo@luanar.ac.mw
20 TANGANYIKA Jonathan Lecturer jtanganyika@luanar.ac.mw
21 KAUMBATA Wilson Lecturer wkaumbata@luanar.ac.mw
22 CHINGALA Gregory Lecturer gchingala@luanar.ac.mw
23 MVULA Winchester Livestock Assistant wmvula@luanar.ac.mw
24 KAMWANA Robert Livestock Attendant rkamwana@luanar.ac.mw
25 MTANDE Steven Livestock Attendant smtande@luanar.ac.mw
26 Gondwe Timothy Professor tgondwe @luanar.ac.mw
27 GONDWE Timothy Professor tgondwe@luanar.ac.mw
28 MTIMUNI Joshua Professor jmtimuni@luanar.ac.mw
29 PHOYA Richard Professor rphoya@luanar.ac.mw
30 MALIKETI Gibson Project Research Assistant gmaliketi@luanar.ac.mw
31 CHIPAMPHA Ellebi Rabbitry Attendant echipampha@luanar.ac.mw
32 Chakwanira Diana Secretary dchakwanira@luanar.ac.mw
33 CHIGWA Fanny Senior Lecturer fchigwa@luanar.ac.mw
34 ELISA Richard Supervisor relisa@luanar.ac.mw
35 CHAIMA-BANDA Lucius Technician lchaima-banda@luanar.ac.mw
36 MBANO Felix Technician fm'bano@luanar.ac.mw
37 LIWINGA Kefasi Technician kliwinga@luanar.ac.mw
38 Chiphwanya Maxwell Technician chiphwanya@luanar.ac.mw
39 CHIPHWANYA1 Maxwell Technician mchiphwanya@luanar.ac.mw
40 ADIYERE Owen Work Supervisor oadiyere@luanar.ac.mw