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# Full Name Position Contact Email
2 MAGANGA Kandodo Associate Lecturer kmaganga@luanar.ac.mw
3 MNG'OMBA Simon Associate Professor
4 LOWOLE Maxon Associate Professor mlowole@luanar.ac.mw
5 MAIDA James Associate Professor jmaida@luanar.ac.mw
6 NALIVATA Patson Associate Professor pnalivata@luanar.ac.mw
7 NYIRENDA Greenwell Associate Professor gnyirenda@luanar.ac.mw
8 CHILASA Sinoya Chief Technician schilasa@luanar.ac.mw
9 MBEWE Emmanuel Chief Technician embewe@luanar.ac.mw
10 CHOMBWE Robert Field Assistant rchombwe@luanar.ac.mw
11 JERE Mphatso Field Assistant mjere@luanar.ac.mw
12 KATULU Maxwell Field Assistant mkatulu@luanar.ac.mw
13 MANASE Hastings Field Assistant hmanase@luanar.ac.mw
14 NGOLOMI Lenard Field Assistant lngolomi@luanar.ac.mw
15 WALAWALA Chitani Field Assistant cwalawala@luanar.ac.mw
16 ZEMBENI Charles Field Assistant czembeni@luanar.ac.mw
17 EZRA Samisoni Field Attendant sezra@luanar.ac.mw
18 CHIRWA Ladson Laboratory Assistant lchirwa@luanar.ac.mw
19 MSUKWA Barnet Laboratory Assistant bmsukwa@luanar.ac.mw
20 CHIKAONDA Johns Laboratory Attendant jchikaonda@luanar.ac.mw
21 NSENA Sinnia Lecturer
22 KASAMBALA DONGA Trust Lecturer tdonga@luanar.ac.mw
23 NJIRA Keston Lecturer knjira@luanar.ac.mw
24 TEMBO Yolice Lecturer ytembo@luanar.ac.mw
25 CHIPETA Michael Lecturer mchipeta@luanar.ac.mw
26 ELIYA Annie Messenger aeliya@luanar.ac.mw
27 BOKOSI James Professor jbokosi@luanar.ac.mw
28 KABAMBE Vernon Professor vkabambe@luanar.ac.mw
29 MALIRO Moses Professor mmaliro@luanar.ac.mw
30 MSUKU Wilson Professor wmsuku@luanar.ac.mw
31 SAKA Vincent Professor vsaka@luanar.ac.mw
32 NKHWANGWA Martha Secretary mnkhwangwa@luanar.ac.mw
33 CHIMUNGU Joseph Senior Lecturer jchimungu@luanar.ac.mw
34 MHANGO Wezi Senior Lecturer wmhango@luanar.ac.mw
35 MSISKA Harry Senior Lecturer hmsiska@luanar.ac.mw
36 SAINI Ian Senior Technician isaini@luanar.ac.mw
37 KANYENDA Esnart Technician ekanyenda@luanar.ac.mw
38 ZILAHOWA Victor Technician vzilahowa@luanar.ac.mw
39 MUHOTA Peter Technician