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# Full Name Position Contact Email
2 KAMBEWA Daimon Associate Professor dkambewa@luanar.ac.mw
3 MASANGANO Charles Associate Professor cmasangano@luanar.ac.mw
4 TONGOLA Samson Brick Layer stongola@luanar.ac.mw
5 MAJAWA Friday Clinic Attendant fmajawa@luanar.ac.mw
6 SAMSON Ezra Field Attendant sezra@luanar.ac.mw
7 CHIMOMBO Masautso Lecturer mchimombo@luanar.ac.mw
8 CHIWASA Hastings Lecturer hchiwasa@luanar.ac.mw
9 CHANZA Charity Lecturer cchonde@luanar.ac.mw
10 KAKWERA Mayamiko Lecturer mkakwera@luanar.ac.mw
11 MAMBO Isaac Lecturer imambo@luanar.ac.mw
12 MATITA Mirriam Lecturer mmatita@luanar.ac.mw
13 TCHUWA Frank Lecturer ftchuwa@luanar.ac.mw
14 MGALAMADZI Loveness Lecturer lmsofi@luanar.ac.mw
15 FATCH Paul Lecturer pfatch@luanar.ac.mw
16 KALEFA Masautso Messenger mkalefa@luanar.ac.mw
17 CHIDANKANA Steven Porter schidankana@luanar.ac.mw
18 NKHWANGWA Fanny Secretary fnkhwangwa@luanar.ac.mw
19 MTHINDA Catherine Senior Lecturer cmthinda@luanar.ac.mw
20 BANDA Rumbani Technician r.banda@luanar.ac.mw
21 KALUZI Limson Technician lkaluzi@luanar.ac.mw
22 MKWEU Daniso Technician dmkweu@luanar.ac.mw
23 KHONJE Precious Work Supervisor pkhonje@luanar.ac.mw