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# Full Name Position Contact Email
2 DAWA Goodson Field Assistant gdawa@luanar.ac.mw
3 SUWETA Lucious Field Supervisor lsuweta@luanar.ac.mw
4 CHIMZINGA Sibongile Lecturer schimzinga@luanar.ac.mw
5 KHONJE Abgail Lecturer akhonje@luanar.ac.mw
6 KWAPATA Kingdom Lecturer kkwapata@luanar.ac.mw
7 MAKWELA Elizabeth Lecturer emakwela@luanar.ac.mw
8 KWAPATA Moses Professor mkwapata@luanar.ac.mw
9 MSUZUMIRE Jonathan Sales Clerk jmsuzumire@luanar.ac.mw
10 KAVALO Mercy Secretary mkavalo@luanar.ac.mw
11 Kawere Mercy Secretary mkawere@luanar.ac.mw
12 CHILEMBWE Eric Senior Lecturer echilembwe@luanar.ac.mw
13 MKWAILA Wezi Senior Lecturer wmkwaila@luanar.ac.mw
14 NYAIKA Jacinta Senior Lecturer jnyaika@luanar.ac.mw
15 SEFASI Abel Senior Lecturer asefasi@luanar.ac.mw
16 MWALE Vincent Senior Lecturer vmgoli@luanar.ac.mw
17 CHIDEWA Stanford Technician schidewa@luanar.ac.mw
18 VAKUSI Bridget Technician