Functions of the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor

Research and Publications

The office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor ensures implementation of University Research Agenda which fosters application of research results to improve knowledge and human welfare. Facilitates collaborative research projects and innovative research that can result in improved production, processing and marketing of agricultural products. Encourages academic members of staff to embark on investigative research that brings about socio-economic changes in people’s habits.

Academic Affairs

Initiates development and review of curricula for all programmes. Explores and facilitate alternative teaching and learning avenues (including open and distance learning) in order to widen access to higher education. The office works hand in hand with Senate on academic programmes, standards, research and consultancies for policy guidelines. Liaise with external stakeholders to develop and maintain strategic academic partnerships

Marketing and Publicity

The office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor provides leadership for the development and execution of a comprehensive strategic communications and marketing plan to enhance the universities leadership position, reputation and brand. Markets the University by giving desirable visibility through interaction with government, the public, the donor community and the outside world on higher education issues.

Financial/Business Management

The office leads the resource mobilization initiatives and ensure that funds raised by the University and those provided by government are managed properly. The office develops and manages strategic alliances and partnerships with the public and the private sectors in areas of mutual interest.

Quality Assurance

The office ensures that mechanisms for quality control and inspection are in place and are functioning properly so that the quality of the graduates is consistent with both regional and international expectations. Champion process of obtaining ISO certification.