Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Mathematics (NMAT111)13.50
Chemistry (NCHE111)15.00
Computer Applications (NCAP111)11.50
Communication skills I (LDC111)13.50
Physics (NPHY111)13.00
Biology (NBIO111)15.00
Introduction to HIV Infections and AIDS (HSC111)13.00
Mathematics II (MAT121)23.50
Chemistry II (CHE121)23.50
Communication Skills II (LDC121)23.50
Physics II (PHY121)23.00
Computer Applications II (CAP121)22.50
Biology II (BIO121)23.50

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Genetics (AGN314)13.00
Biochemistry I (BSC211)14.50
Introduction to Statistics (MAT211)13.00
Microbiology (BIO211)13.00
Entrepreneurship I (ABM213)12.50
Cell Biology (BTC211)13.00
Anatomy of Domestic Animals (ANS212)13.00
Food Chemistry (FST223)23.50
Biochemistry II (BSC221)24.50
Virology (BTC222)23.00
Botany (AGN222)23.00
Molecular Biology (BTC221)23.00
Principles and Application of Tissue Culture (HOR221)22.00

3 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Immunology (BTC311)13.00
Molecular Entomology (BTC314)13.00
Biotechnology Research Project I (BTC310)10.50
Enzymology (BTC313)13.00
Design and Analysis of Experiments (BSC311)13.00
Plant Biotechnology (AGN315)12.00
Population Genetics (BTC312)13.00
Animal Breeding (ANS314)13.00
Biotechnology Research Project II (BTC320)20.50
Genetic Engineering (BTC323)23.00
Animal Physiology (ANS225)23.00
Bioinformatics (BTC322)22.50
Plant Physiology (AGN321)23.00
Genomics (BTC325)23.00
Molecular Genetics (BTC321)23.00
Molecular Pathology (BTC324)23.00

4 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Phytomedical Technologies (BTC416)13.50
Food and Feed Biotechnology (BTC412)13.00
Microbial Genetics (BTC415)13.00
Ethics and Biosafety in Biotechnology (BTC411)12.50
Evolutionary Genetics (BTC414)12.00
Biotechnology Research Project III (BTC410)11.00
Proteomics (BTC413)13.00
Current Topics in Biotechnology (BTC422)22.00
Animal Biotechnology (ANS425)22.00
Social and Economic Aspects of Biotechnology (BTC421)22.00
Plant Breeding (AGN421)23.00
Bioenergy (BTC424)23.00
Biotechnology Research Project IV (BTC420)22.00
Human Resources Management (ABM422)22.50
Environmental Biotechnology (BTC423)22.50
Biotechnology Attachment (BTC400)23.00