Agroecology symposium beckoning

8 Jul, 2020

The Malawi Agro-Ecological Intensification (AEI) Hub, currently coordinated by the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), is geared to hold a symposium in October this year.

The hub, with support from McKnight Foundation, brings together researchers in legumes, soils, and farmer participation, with extensionists and formal and informal farmer organizations to function as a network that supports research to respond to the changing environment and farm variability.

According to the AEI Hub Coordinator, Professor Vernom Kabambe, the conference will allow practicing AEI stakeholders to share practices, innovations and approaches with other stakeholders.

“Apart from sharing practices, participants will be able to appraise current policy environment on AEI and identify opportunities and areas for strengthening.

In addition, the conference will provide a platform for stakeholders to conceptualize research and development projects based on innovations, results and analysis from presentations, ´ said Professor Kabambe.

He added that the symposium, whose theme is “The role of agro-ecology sensitive agriculture in building resilient and sustainable food systems”, targets researchers, representatives from government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), farmer organisations, CGIAR as well as policy makers.

The symposium will focus on a wide range of themes as follows agro-ecological research on various agricultural sciences including agronomy, soil science, integrated pest management, horticulture, permaculture, organic farming, animal sciences, aquaculture and fisheries, agricultural engineering and any research work addressing agro-ecological and agricultural sustainability issues; human nutrition and food sciences; extension and socioeconomic aspects of agro-ecology as well as Policy aspects in agro-ecology.