Focus on the University’s Alumni: Co-Founder and Managing Director of Global Seeds: Shane Ismail Phiri

8 Jul, 2020

Imagine you spend four years in the university, you graduate and dream getting employed.

You thus join the bandwagon of graduate job seekers.

You tried to apply for as many job opportunities as you could but all that you get is rejection, sometimes with no responses at all.

Imagine this is not happening because you lack the relevant skills and competences but because of a highly competitive job market.

How frustrating that can be? The panacea to that is entrepreneurship! This is why the Bunda alumnus, Shane Phiri, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Global Seeds decided to venture into entrepreneurship.

As a director, Phiri is responsible for the general running of Global Seeds operations which includes overseeing the work of the production, marketing and finance teams.

This entails coordinating and planning activities in line with the company’s goals to produce, distribute and market improved seed of drought tolerant hybrid maize and legumes for sale to farmers at affordable prices.

According to Phiri, there is a strong connection between his training at Bunda [now under LUANAR] and his role at Global Seeds.

“As you will note, to manage the operations of an agribusiness, a seed company in this case, requires you to know something about each segment of the value chain from the production on the farm to the market and the program which I studied at Bunda, Agribusiness Management, equipped me with the right knowledge and skills to work anywhere on that value chain through extensive courses in various fields from business, economics, animal and crop production, business law, and agricultural marketing just to mention a few,” said Phiri.

Phiri encourages prospective LUANAR candidates to choose this University as it is the best.

He said that LUANAR has relevant courses to fit the nature of our country and economy coupled with some of the best lecturers by far.

He added that LUANAR has a good working relationship with the agricultural community at large and the courses students learn are often complimented by practical interactions with the outside world throughout their entire studies.

When asked if he really attributes his success to LUANAR-Bunda, he said the University has contributed a lot to his journey through the quality education and being a platform for creating business networks, saying the interaction between Global Seeds and his peers from Bunda has not stopped.

“As an organization, we find ourselves dealing with various partners from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to government and its various regulatory bodies, and throughout all these interactions, it is always pleasing to deal with Bunda alumni who you are already acquainted with and who are now excelling in their various fields, and in most cases, are decision makers in their respective organizations,” he said.

“Without this business, I would not have been able to know the value of the people I met in the corridors of Bunda, but today, I am pleased to say that these networks are what cement our business,” underlined Phiri.