Get to know our programmes: Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management - Producing change agents for commercializing the agricultural sector in Malawi and beyond.

8 Jul, 2020

Aim of the programme The mission of the programme is to develop and enhance entrepreneurial and managerial human capacity, to support development and growth of the agribusiness sector in Malawi and sub-Saharan Africa, that can transform the production oriented agricultural sector into a competitive and market oriented business sector.

The programme is designed to foster business acumen amongst students, taking into account the implications of agribusiness on the environment.

After graduation, all things being equal, the students are expected to support establishment and management of their own, or existing businesses.

Graduates from this programme are change agents in the transformation of agriculture from subsistence to commercial production.

Entry requirements Entry requirement into the programme is the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE)/International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) or other internationally recognized qualifications equivalent to ‘O’ level certificate with at least six credit passes in sciences and business related studies including English Language.

Uniqueness of the programme The BSc in Agribusiness Management at LUANAR is the only higher education level long term training programme that uniquely combines agricultural production concepts with management and entrepreneurial skills, in Malawi.

Agricultural businesses operate in a rapidly changing environment, and hence the human capital needed to support growth of this sector should be trained in an innovative way, which is a key aspect for this programme.

Students not only learn theoretical aspects, but also practical skills through internships, hands-on business development and implementation and research projects.

The delivery approaches are frequently revised using an experiential approach where both staff and students are viewed as learners in the process of innovatively enhancing entrepreneurial skills.

Currently, to support delivery of entrepreneurship skills in an innovative way, LUANAR is championing the development of an Agribusiness Incubator, which will not only provide space for innovative thinking to students, but also other stakeholders in the agribusiness sector.