"LUANAR Continues to be a success story with commitment towards its reforms" Rt Hon. Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima

10 Aug, 2020

The vice president Rit Hon Dr Saulos klaus Chilima had a session with Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) to appreciate the progress of reforms, challenges being encountered and identification of new areas that need reforming to make the institution efficient and effective.

From the onset, he expressed satisfaction with the progress that has been made from where we started a few years ago with LUANAR.

He also commended LUANAR for the progressive reforms that we have been putting up and the clear strategic direction that we have for the University.

Just like the clarity observed from the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) on Tuesday, LUANAR's presentation too had clarity of thought and a clear roadmap of the vision they have for the institution.

LUANAR's reforms are clearly classified.

There are those to be implemented in the shortest period possible that range from institutional governance reforms to resource mobilization reforms while those in the medium to long term, border on energy source diversification, general operations and teaching and learning environment.

He commended LUANAR management for the energy source diversification reform which aims at providing different sources of energy at LUANAR campuses and that so far progress is underway towards implementation of this particular reform.

All in all, LUANAR continues to be a success story with commitment towards its reforms especially those that tilt towards financial sustainability.