LUANAR establishes international Desk

8 Sep, 2020

In its quest to achieving excellence, LUANAR has established an international desk (ID) to tackle challenges that are encountered by the University efforts during the recruitment of international students, exchange visits and establishing partnerships/linkages with other Universities/Organizations.

The desk is housed at the Marketing and Communication Office (MCO).

According to LUANAR’s Marketing and Communication Manager, Mrs Bessie Milanzi, the International desk will provide support to students of different nationalities and cultures, and facilitate the recruitment of international undergraduate and postgraduate students from outside Malawi to study at the University.

“In addition the Desk will coordinate and provide support to visiting students from all over the world, while also encouraging all current students to incorporate a period of study abroad into their degree,” she said.

Mrs Milanzi said the International Desk is the first point of contact for all incoming international students and will provide information to students with regard to visas, immigration, study abroad programmes, on-campus services, and much more.

“The desk can also provide support and information for the local area, such as where to find the local food market, or the nearest religious services, or help with integration into Malawian society.

She further said the desk will work together with the academic departments and support services across the University to ensure all students have an enjoyable and beneficial experience of studying at LUANAR,” she added.

“The International desk will also collaborate with universities, research institutes, and industry partners on all continents, to internationalize teaching, research, work placement, and student and academic mobility opportunities,” she said.

Asked why the desk is placed under MCO, Mrs Milanzi said MCO is mandated to tell the ‘LUANAR story’ to the world; market LUANAR in Malawi and beyond.

Saying it is also responsible for recruitment of students and has been successful in doing so nationally but has faced challenges recruiting beyond Malawi, with the International Desk, MCO recruitment responsibilities have been strengthened and we are optimistic that we will succeed in recruitment of students beyond the borders of Malawi.

“MCO responsibility is to making LUANAR more visible by selling the LUANAR brand abroad, and within the process of branding among other responsibilities the office shall pursue partnership opportunities with different institutions as well as facilitate opportunities for students and staff exchange programmes.

Thus, the University has created an international desk within the office to ensure its international affairs are handled effectively and efficiently” she said.

The International desk feeds into LUANAR’s overall international marketing strategy, including recruitment, student exchanges and links with universities.