30 Mar, 2016

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Dr. Kwapata speaking at the event
Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) has together with 16 universities been chosen to receive scientific equipment from Seeding Labs’ 2016 Instrumental Access program.

The announcement of the 2016 Instrumental Access awardees was made during Seeding Labs’ “Positively Instrumental” event on March 24, 2016, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Seeding Labs’ founder and CEO Dr. Nina Dudnik said LUANAR’s award is the culmination of a rigorous screening process in which 67 applicants outlined the details of their department’s research and the equipment needed to remove barriers to scientific discovery and education.

“Our 2016 Instrumental Access university departments are home to some of the most talented global scientists in the developing world. We are thrilled to be helping catalyze their research and teaching,” said Dr. Dudnik.

“Their work is vital not only to their own communities, where research can have enormous impact on daily life, but also will benefit the entire global scientific community,”
she continued.

She said Seeding Labs identified these departments as having the most potential to advance cutting-edge research, expand training opportunities for students, and build the infrastructure that’s critical to a thriving scientific community.

Dr. Kingdom Kwapata, Lecturer in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology at LUANAR thanked Seeding Labs for the award saying biotechnology and horticulture students at his institution will benefit from this modern lab equipment.

“Our department is a young but promising department with a lot of talented faculty who are keen to advance cutting-edge research in biotechnology,” Dr. Kwapata says.

He said the department has embarked on an extensive research program of improving indigenous fruits and vegetables that have high nutritional and medicinal properties with an aim of developing new cost-effective therapies for treating local and global ailments.

“I have no doubt given high-throughput modern equipment; more advanced research products can be unleashed.” He said.

Seeding Labs, a US-based nonprofit, recognized these 16 outstanding university departments in 11 countries. Each has inspiring goals, which include advancing cutting-edge research, expanding training opportunities for students, and building the infrastructure that’s critical to a thriving scientific community.

Written By: Patricia Nkhoma Ngwale