13 Jun, 2017

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Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources wishes to recruit qualified and experienced professionals to support the University fulfil its mandate of Teaching, learning, Research, Consultancy and Outreach services as adjunct staff for the 2017/18 academic year.
Adjunct Lectures shall be engaged on temporary basis whenever need arises during the academic year.
The successful adjunct Lecturers shall be required to teach courses just like tenure-track Lecturers do, but they shall be exempted from some of the responsibilities of fully employed university Lecturers. They shall be required to teach specific courses that the regular faculty may not have expertise in or courses that have large number of students where classes may be split into streams.
Payment shall depend on one’s grade/seniority and shall be based on the actual hours of teaching or contact with the students.
The responsibilities of the Adjunct Lectures shall include, but not limited to the following:
1. Teaching graduate and undergraduate students in a specific field of their expertise
2. Developing and managing the class syllabus and ensuring that the syllabus meets the standards set by the department/faculty/University
3. Planning and creating lectures, in-class discussions and assignments
4. Grading assigned papers, quizzes and examinations
5. Assessing grades for students based on participation, performance in class, assignments and examinations
6. Collaborating with colleagues on course curriculum
7. Advising students on how to be successful in class
8. Staying updated on innovations and changes within their course field
1. A minimum of a master’s degree in the area of interest/specialization
2. A clear communicator
3. Able to teach with ample real-world experience
4. Able to show confidence teaching and presenting to a class
5. Technologically savvy: ability to utilize different online teaching/learning systems and other ways of communicating with students
6. Passionate about specific academic fields and education in general
Applications are therefore sought from interested candidates in the following areas of expertise:
1 Fresh Water Ecology 26 Fish Economics
2 Processing Engineering 27 Biotechnology
3 Irrigation Engineering 28 Pasture breeding
4 Land Scaping 29 Geographic Information System
5 Feed Manufacturing 30 Food Analysis
6 Soil Chemistry 31 Public Health
7 Biometry 32 Atmospheric Sciences
8 Epidemiology 33 Water Resources Management
9 Education Economics and Law 34 Wildlife Management
10 Mass Media Communication 35 Fish Pathology
11 Food Safety 36 Fishing Technologies
12 Clinical Nutrition 37 Oceanography
13 Nutrition Analysis 38 Fish Larval Nutrition
14 Fish Processing
39 Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
15 Food Biotechnology 40 Physics
16 Early Childhood Development 41 Histology

17 Chemistry 42 Toxicology
18 Biochemistry 43 Livestock Health
19 Clinical Pathology 44 Bee Medicine
20 Wildlife Medicine 45 Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
21 Large Animal Noninfectious 46 Vaccinology
22 Histology 47 Fish Medicine
23 Toxicology 48 Animals Surgery
24 Obstetrics and Gynecology-Animals 49 Helminthology

25 Small Animal Medicine 50 Pharmacology

Those interested should submit their letter expressing their interest, copy the Curriculum Vitae and Certificates and must provide at least three traceable references to:

University Registrar
Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
P O Box 217
Closing date for receipt of applications is 07th July, 2017.