31 May, 2018

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Kanyama Phiri: My expectation is to retake a hard look at our core business which is teaching and learning
Vice Chancellor of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Professor George Kanyama Phiri, has urged academic and administrative staff leaders of the university to work hard in their execution of duties. Prof. Kanyama Phiri made the call during a Leadership and Management Training for Heads and Deans at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe.

LUANAR on Wednesday, the 23rd of May 2018 held an orientation seminar for deans of faculties, directors and heads of departments. The objective of this seminar was to enhance managerial and leadership competences of the aforementioned participants in order to increase the capacity of LUANAR to realize its vision and mission.

In his opening remarks of the training, Professor Kanyama Phiri said it was an opportune time for LUANAR leaders since it is through refresher workshops in skills and leadership that they can improve themselves. The Vice Chancellor said he expected that by the end of the training, they should be transformed individuals.

“My expectation is to retake a hard look at our core business which is teaching and learning. Of late, there has been laxity in invigilation, marking of examinations and assessments. There has been a disease that where there is no money, that exercise is seemed to be of no importance. Core business is what we were employed to do, so, all of us must pay attention to our core business where money should not come in front,” He said.

Prof. Kanyama Phiri said currently, LUANAR is enjoying the monopoly of being the only agricultural institution but that may not last long since other universities are also aspiring to become agricultural institutions. He therefore urged the deans, directors and heads of departments to work hard and be enthusiastic for the institution to realize its vision of becoming a world class university.

“We still believe that we shall attain the status of a world class university. Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot become a world class university if we slide into oblivion. We have to continue to strive towards achieving our vision and mission,” said the Vice Chancellor.

The Vice Chancellor went further to say that agriculture is the root of the economy of Malawi, and LUANAR being an agricultural institution, it has to be on the forefront in ensuring the growth of agriculture industry in the country.

“We agree that agriculture is the mitochondria of the economy of this country and if we agree that indeed that’s what it is, and also by the fact that LUANAR is the only institution of higher learning in agriculture, it follows therefore that the DNA must be provided by us as managers so that our country can grow,” He said.

The LUANAR leader concluded by saying that LUANAR shall continue to distinguish itself from other universities through the maintenance of quality and integrity, and also the maintenance of a stable academic calendar which is also attractive to stakeholders, as some of the features of its distinction. He then congratulated leaders who have delivered their services to their maximum potential.

“As public and private universities are mushrooming in Malawi, it is imperative that LUANAR continue to distinguish itself from other universities. I am proud to say that in this gathering, we have leaders who have demonstrated capabilities to do something worth noting. Therefore I would like to say congratulations to those leaders and keep it up!” As he concluded his speech, he called for all the management and staff to support him in his tenure of office.