7 Aug, 2018

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Ready to make a change: YEMIC founders pose with mHub CEO after the launch
Vice Chancellor of LUANAR, Professor George Kanyama Phiri, has urged the youth to be responsible for their nation and play an active role in conserving the environment. He said this when he presided over the launch of Youth Empowerment and Mindset Change (YEMIC), an initiative developed by LUANAR students on Saturday, the 4th of August 2018 at Bunda Campus.

YEMIC is an initiative that is youth led and aims at empowering the youths with the belief that if the youth are empowered with the ability to take responsibility on their own, to think critically, to develop and to build, then the country will be developed.

Speaking in an interview after the launch, Professor Kanyama Phiri, said he was very pleased to launch an initiative like YEMIC, saying it is high time the youth changed their mindset and became responsible for their nation, considering the fact that they are over sixty percent of the nation.

“This is a very good initiative because these youths are going to promote very important skills such as entrepreneurship. They are also going to tackle the challenge of HIV/AIDS pandemic. That is very good too because it will help the lives of Malawians through this initiative. There is a change in climate and they will participate in climate-smart activities. All these are issues that will be very important.” He said.

Professor Kanyama Phiri went further to urge the youth to join the bandwagon to make sure that the environment is protected such by ensuring more planting of trees than their destruction.

“There are several things that the youths can do in conserving the environment. For example, we engage in tree planting every year. If each and every youth plant a tree, it means that sixty percent of the country can be covered with trees because these are the most active people. And also through civic education, they can go and teach others to preserve the environment. They are the right people to communicate that message,” said Professor Kanyama Phiri.

The Vice Chancellor therefore appealed to all Malawians to welcome this initiative, support the youth to make sure that they are doing their job effectively. He further appealed for acceptance of the initiative from where ever they go.

Executive Director of YEMIC, Alex Kalumo, said the main objective of the initiative is to build a nation with people who are changed, creative, innovative and people who can bring dreams into reality.

“Other objectives of YEMIC include an HIV free country, gender sensitisation, environmental degradation and conservation, entrepreneurship and others so that we empower the youth in the country in these areas to develop this country,” he added.

According to Kalumo, it is literally true that the youth are the future of the country because ten years down the line; the youths will be leaders, heading big companies, organisations and government. If these people will not have the mindset to develop and empower others or become empowered themselves, then this country will not develop.

“Since we are the majority of the population, it is important that we use this dividend, utilise it and empower it so that this Malawi might see better days,” said Kalumo.

Through YEMIC, the youths will start organising panel discussions so that they should start having their minds engaged. Through the discussions, trainings, symposiums and innovation awards, it is hoped that they will become creative and will have the mind to develop.