5 Feb, 2019

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Students pose for a group photo after cleaning the clinic surroundings
The Bunda Students Ngoni Club, a ngoni cultural grouping on Tuesday, 15th January 2019, conducted a cleaning exercise around Bunda Clinic.

Chairperson of the Club, Mwayi Chikho, said the activity aimed at keeping the surroundings clean, especially the area around the clinic.

“It was just our concern to help in keeping the campus clean.” He said.

Apart from cleaning exercise, the club also organized an intercultural football Bonanza on 19th January which comprised of teams of several cultural groupings such as the Chewas, the Lhomwe, the Yao, the Tumbuka and the hosts, the Ngonis.

Group A of the tournament comprised of the Ngoni and Chewa which ended 1-1 and also drew 15-15 in post-match penalties. They then had a rematch on 20th January which also ended 14– 13 in favor of the hosts in penalties after they also held each other 2-2 during the 90 minutes of play.

Group B comprised of the Tumbuka, Yao and the Lhomwe where the Tumbukas qualified to the finals after defeating the Yao 4-0 and claiming victory over the Lhomwes by 4 goals to 1.

The Ngonis emerged winners of the bonzanza after they triumphed on the Tumbukas by a single goal. The winners got prize money of 55,000 Malawi Kwacha while the runners up got away with 35,000 Kwacha.

Chikho said mainly the activities aimed at cultural preservation and to know one another as Bunda students. He said students of different cultures had to sing songs in support of their teams.

“It brought students of the same culture together. I am a Ngoni by tribe and I was able to know and interact with my fellow Ngoni students. I also had a chance to learn about other people’s culture”. He said.

Chikho said it is important for students to engage in cultural activities as this helps to avoid discriminations among students. “At the end of the day, we all concluded that we are all Malawians who love our culture.” He added.

During the events, the students sang songs and had traditional dances.