20 Jan, 2020

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) received a modest Study Abroad Engagement Grant from the U.S. Study Abroad Branch, within the Stats Departments Office of Global Educational Programs to support a U.S. expert, Professor Thomas Bogenschild, facilitate a one-week Pedagogical skills, mentorship and Research seminar among other areas.

In his opening remarks, Professor Kanyama-Phiri thanked the U.S. Government for the funding. He further mentioned that the capacity building seminar would help in enhancing skills amongst the LUANAR academic staff members so that they can plan and deliver their lessons in the right way.

The University organized the training after noting that there was lack of pedagogical skills among most of the LUANAR Staff members due to their educational background, as most of them are experts in other areas. The training was also organized to strengthen the mentorship programme that already exists at the institution.

In his remarks the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Lewis Dzimbiri, encouraged the participants to try being teachers. He further encouraged them to have the confidence that they are capable of teaching and also to understand their students in that every student has a way of processing things. In his remarks, he mentioned that as lecturers, they are supposed to be the ones who find their own information and disseminate while as teachers, they are supposed to make sure that the information disseminated should be understood by the students.

The participants were from different faculties of LUANAR and were encouraged to lead by example. The training was attended by 101 participants while the mentorship training was attended by close to 50 participants. It was expected that the seminar would strengthen the delivery of lectures and tutorials by the university’s academic members of staff who attended the event.

The seminar, which ran from the 19th to 24th January, 2020 was officially opened by the Vice Chancellor of LUANAR, Professor George Kanyama-Phiri at Charles Grand Park in Lilongwe.