25 Mar, 2020

Gondwe: “To have and to lose: A paradox of access to fish in fishing communities
LUANAR’s Edith Gondwe, who is pursuing a fisheries and wildlife doctorate in the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, at Michigan State University has received the Ambrose Pattullo Fund for Environmental Issues Graduate Fellowship for Literary Work. The Pattullo Fund Fellowship recognizes students who have written about current environmental issues for publications aimed at non-scientists, including the general public.

Gondwe submitted the article “To have and to lose: A paradox of access to fish in fishing communities". Within her article, she tries to use nonscientific discussion of the negative impacts that overfishing has on food and nutrition security status of households engaged in fisheries related activities.

Edith will receive a research grant of $2,400 to support her research on value chains and food security, especially related to small scale fisheries in Sub Saharan region. The funds will specifically support one of the outcomes of her research, which is to examine experiential food and nutrition insecurity in fishing households and how this shapes food consumption decisions at household level. This work links to the global efforts being undertaken by organizations such as the Food Agricultural Organization through its Voices of the Hungry Project.