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    “A Nature and Environment Research Center” in the making

    Faculty of Natural Resources


    The Faculty of Natural Resources recognizes that research is one of the key pillars in LUANAR’s vision and strategic plan for achieving the “world class university’ status. The faculty saw the need for facilitating and coordinating research in the faculty by, among other things, improving access to research and consultancy knowledge, innovations, opportunities and funding. Therefore, in April, 2014, the faculty officially established the Virtual Research Unit that, in addition to the Faculty Research and Outreach Committee (FROC), would uphold research and consultancy mentorship and promote publication of findings. The VRU purports to grow into a Nature and Environment Research Center for the faculty. The VRU is driven by the Coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Daud Kassam (PhD) and his deputy, Dr Steve Makungwa. Members of the VRU include the Deputy Dean, all professors in the faculty, FROC members and departmental VRU members. Please feel free to contact us on:or call the Coordinator on (+265) 999 103 246. We are ready to solve the natural resource and environment problems with and for you, through research and consultancy.


    Our is to grow into a world class nature and environment research center of LUANAR, relevant to contemporary research, consultancy and outreach needs.


    Our mission is to mentor and build capacity of the faculty in mobilizing resources and finding sustainable solutions to nature, environment and climate change related problems, with stakeholders, through research, consultancy and outreach needs.

    Strategic Goals

    i. Facilitate the formation and enabling of research teams at faculty level based on the departmental research agendas.
    ii. Build capacity in faculty members in the development of winning proposals for research grants and consultancy bids.
    iii. Lobby for research funds within and outside the university in order to execute the faculty’s research agenda.
    iv. Promote dissemination of research findings and outreach activities.
    v. Facilitate faculty debates and seminars locally and nationally on contemporary issues related to environment and natural resources management in Malawi
    vi. Increase visibility of faculty research activities by uploading and updating staff research profiles on the LUANAR webpage.