Dr David Dalison Mkwambisi

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    Dr David Mkambisi

    Dr David Mkwambisi is an Associate Professor of Environmental Sustainability with a PhD and MSc in Environment and Development from Universities of Leeds and East Anglia (UK) respectively. David has a Diploma and BSc in Agriculture from the University of Malawi. In addition to lecturing, David is currently working as a Programmes Coordinator. He is involved in several development and research programmes working with both rural and urban communities especially on climate change impacts and vulnerability among smallholder farmers and on urban and rural poverty. He is among national experts responsible for policy guidance on climate change, environment and development issues David has been contributing to environment and development issues to UNEP, UNFPA, COMESA, SADC, African Union, World Bank, FAO, African Development Bank, UNICEF, Government of Malawi and several international and national Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). He is among IPCC experts on climate change, food and agriculture


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