E-Course Project Management / Module

The Sparkassentiftung fur International Kooperation (Savings Bank for Foundation for Internation Cooperation (SBFIC)) in collaboration with the Department of Agribusiness Management at LUANAR is offering Three level e-trainins in Project Management in 2021. The e-course contains three modules, with the modern style of blended learning which is ideal mix of live - learning situations, supported self - studies, transfer tasks, online panels, chats and the exchange of knowledge within the learning community. The first level (Module 1) will start on 1st March, 2021. Registration deadline is 25th Feb 2021. Click the button below to access registration form

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Target Group

Professionals interested in learning the basis of project management to help them lead or be part of a successful project team. Post graduate students with some professional experience are eligible to apply.

Registration Fees

Registered participants are supposed to pay a fee amounting to MK 50 000.
Account name: Bunda College - Agribusiness
Type: Current Account
Bank: National Bank
Account Number: 2175665
Branch: Lilongwe

Why Attend?

  • To get familiar with basics of project cycle management.
  • To know how to utilize well-proven processes and models in project management.
  • To have a toolbox on project cycle management for immediate use and many more.

Course Cycle and Timeline

  1. Approximately 5 weeks with 5 to 10 hours a week of independent study.
  2. 5 live webnars ( 90 Minutes each).
  3. 5 live webnars ( 90 Minutes each).
  4. Task of the weeks.

Registration processe

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