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Welcome to International Desk

Welcome to International Desk

LUANAR is an internationally accredited university hosting students from diverse backgrounds and some from overseas. With exceptionally qualified and experienced teachers and dedicated staff, LUANAR stands to compete at the global level.

Through our international desk, working collaboratively with dean of academics and Director of Students Affairs office, we provide all the necessary help to international students and ensure smooth flow of information between the university and prospective/existing international students

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Coming to LUANAR


Once selected, and have paid semester fee, you will need to apply for a study visa from any Malawi Embassy. As a study visa takes several weeks to obtain, we recommend that you pay the required fee at least six weeks prior to your departure. Those coming from SADC countries need not to apply for a visa to Malawi. (provision in LUANAR prospectus). Post-graduate students can bring their spouse and children to Malawi. Like new students, dependents will need to apply for dependent visa status, which carries certain visa requirements and restrictions.


Accommodation is inevitably bound to be one of the critical factors to consider when you plan on studying abroad. Travelling from abroad and find accommodation is a challenging thing and requires proper planning. At LUANAR we place prominence on our students welfare and we have put in place guidelines to make sure international students finds accommodation without struggling. With LUANAR be rest assured accommodation will be least of your problems once admitted at the university.


Registration closes two weeks after commencement of every semester and its governed by the following provisions contained in the students Rules and Regulations.

You will also be required to produce original copies of all your identity documents that will be relevant for verifying your candidature and nationality, as well as all original certificates and statement(s) of results that were submitted as part of your application package. Furthermore, you will be required to produce proof of payment of the required fees. Only candidates who will have paid the appropriate fees and fulfilled the requirements for registration shall be allowed to attend classes and access to other university facilities.


Arrival Of Students

8.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Details will be communicated soon.


8.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Details will be communicated soon


8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Details will be communicated soon
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