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Question Answers
What is whistleblowing? The reporting by employees, students and the public of suspected misconduct, illegal acts or failure to act within the University.
Why should I whistleblow? LUANAR expects its employees and students to observe high standards of organisational and personal ethics and to act honestly and with integrity always. To achieve this there is need to create an environment, where students, staff and the public can speak out on matters that concern them and the university without fear of victimization.
What are unacceptable circumstances?
  1. Criminal activity that includes financial malpractice, sexual impropriety, fraud or corruption.
  2. Failure to comply with any legal obligation.
  3. Danger to health and safety
  4. Damage to the environment.
  5. Academic, research or professional malpractice.
  6. Harassment and discrimination
  7. Deliberate suppression or concealment of any of the above
Who can whistleblow? LUANAR employees, students and the general public may report any circumstances they find unacceptable.
How do I whistleblow? Concerns should be reported in writing. Oral reports, will have to be followed with a written record.
To whom should I whistleblow? Inform the Chairperson of the Institutional Integrity Committee in writing with a copy to the University Registrar or the Vice Chancellor if the issue concerns the University Registrar
What should the report include?
  • Your full name (Recommended but Optional)
  • Your relationship with LUANAR (Employee or Student or Member of the Public)
  • Contact details (Cell phone number, email address, Postal address)
  • Alleged Misconduct (What is the issue, where, when, who is involved)
  • Urgency of this report
  • Any evidence of the misconduct if available
  • Contacts of witnesses if available
What is required of the whistleblower? You are not required to know for a fact, but you must have reasonable grounds to believe that an unacceptable circumstance has occurred or is about to occur. The policy discourages employees, students or the general public from making allegations which are false and uttered with malicious intent.
Can I go to the media? (Public whistleblowing) It is advisable for whistleblowing to be done within university channels. Any person contacted by the media with respect to occurrence or investigations of alleged unacceptable circumstances shall refer the media to the University Registrar as stipulated in the communication Policy
What principles shall apply when dealing with Whistleblowing?
  • All reports are taken seriously
  • All reports are dealt with immediately
  • Reports are to be dealt with confidentially
  • The whistleblower should be given feedback within reasonable time
Who handles the report?
  • The Institutional Integrity committee is responsible for receiving whistleblowing reports.
  • The IIC shall investigate to establish if the allegations are true.
  • The identity of the Whistle-blower remains confidential
Will I receive any feedback? Whistle blowers will receive a confirmation that the notification has been received and later after all investigative processes and disciplinary they are also given feedback.
Are there any restrictions with regard to whistleblowing? Rules on the duty of confidentiality, security legislation, also apply to notification. This means that the whistle blower does not have the right to break rules on, among other things, the duty of confidentiality
Will I put Myself at risk? The LUANAR Whistle Blowing Policy Reassures whistle-blowers that they will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation if they have made any disclosure in good faith.
Consideration for the person who has been reported After the investigation has established the truth of the matter, and there is grounds for disciplinary action, the person will be subjected to disciplinary processes. As a general rule, the suspected person will be made aware of the whistleblowing report and the information it contains.


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